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Be a Poet!
by Nancy Bogen

Multiple Award Winner!
Winner: Poetry Category, Next Generation Indie Book Awards
Finalist: Young Adult Nonfiction, Next Generation Indie Book Awards,
Independent Publisher Book Awards, and National Indie Excellence Awards
Finalist: How-To, Cover, and Interior Design, Next Generation Indie Book Awards

A new idea in self-help books with an easy, informal style and numerous fun-exercises. It’s sure to delight kids from 9 to 90 and can be used by individuals, friends, clubs, workshops, and classes. Half the price of a textbook, it provides twice the value with an in-depth coverage of words and how to use them effectively, plus chapters on rhyming, rhythm, the iamb from blank verse to the various forms of the sonnet, and exotica like art songs, Pindaric and Horatian odes, terza rima, octosyllabic couplets, the traditional and literary ballad, limericks, rime couée, rime royale, ottava rima, the Spenserian, and various refrain poems like the ballade, roundel, rondeau, triolet, villanelle, and sestina. Dr. Bogen’s coverage of free verse is perhaps unrivaled, with discussions, from the point of view of writing, of examples from Pound, Eliot, H.D., William Carlos Williams, E.E. Cummings, Sandburg, as well as older practitioners like the authors of the King James Bible, Ossian, Christopher Smart, Blake, Whitman, and Matthew Arnold. All important for young people in particular is the final chapter on the various forms of publishing from mag to zine capped by an appendix containing a list of 65 little magazines that have assured the author that they would read, seriously consider, and print works by poets never published before.

ISBN: 0-936726-07-5
Quality Paperback $34.95

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Bagatelle•Guinevere by Felice Rothman
Edited with an Introduction, Etc., by Nancy Bogen

Our advertising distorts, our politicians mislead, our neighbors swear to tell the whole truth in court and then all too often proceed to lie their heads off. Yet when it comes to entertainment, there’s nothing that everyone likes better than an honest-to-goodness true story or a juicy fact-filled yarn based on something that "really happened."

The year is 1976. Felice Rothman, a poet in her mid 30s, undergoes a series of personal tragedies. Grieving inside but outwardly quite calm, she answers a call for volunteers to America’s space program, and more or less passing NASA’s tests, off she goes into deep space on a hush-hush mission.

Miraculously returning from that venture some time later, she enlists the aid of a distinguished historian to turn her scattered notes into a coherent narrative.

And here’s her story!

But what of the alien intelligences that Felice encountered, all of them egg-laying reptiloids of three genders? Did they actually exist, or since those beings are nevertheless referred to as "he," is this some extravaganza concocted by the usually sane and sober Nancy Bogen, a tongue-in-cheek fantasy having to do with our own mad, still largely male-dominated world?

ISBN: 0-936726-05-9 Cloth
ISBN: 0-936726-06-7

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Bobe Mayse: A Tale of Washingston Square
by Nancy Bogen

The setting is Washington Square in Greenwich Village, dominated by the Arch and elegant pink townhouses on the north side, homes of the well-to-do of old American stock. The time is the early 1900s, when the horse and carriage were gradually giving way to the automobile...and residential windows shone either blue from electricity or yellow from gas lights.

Around this historic spot of green, Nancy Bogen interweaves the lives of four people:

Martha Ferber, daughter of Russian-Jewish immigrants, who goes against Papa’s wishes and idealistically chooses employment as a sewing machine operator in a factory when she can do better.

Mammeh or Bertha, her mother, who shows herself surprisingly in advance of her time by advcoating her daughter’s right to determine her own destiny.

Young Jerrold Vanderlynn, a Yankee through and through, who comes to bustling manhattan from rural tarrytown to look for a job in an office, and finds his lodgings at Mme. Catherine Branchard’s now-famous boarding house for artists and "misfits" at Number 61 Washington Square South.

Hippolyte Havel, an anarchist and ex-lover of Emma Goldman, who runs (as he did in real life) a basement eatery on nearby Macdougal Street, where of a night one can find gathered "Red Emma" and her circle, Mary Dreier, Helen Marot, and their stalwart associates in the newly-formed Women’s Trade Union League, as well as a host of other colorful Greenwich Village hangers-on like Max Eastman, then a suffragette symptahizer.

Factory girl, mama, new guy in town,anarchist – their stories unfold against the background of the Great Shirtwaist Strike of 1910, in which 20,000 Jewish and Italian young women took on the cockroach bosses and literally put the International Ladies Garment Workers Union on the map, and the Triangle Fire, a tragic sequel to those glorious moments, which claimed 145 of their lives.

But BOBE MAYSE (which is Yiddish for "old wives’ tale") is more than a meticulously researched historical novel. Through all its characters, but most especially through Martha, it is the story of you and me and the people next door.

Suffused with a keen understanding of the human heart, it is, in a word, the story of every person in any season.

ISBN: 0-936726-03-2 Cloth
ISBN: 0-936726-04-9 Tradepaper

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Klytaimnestra Who Stayed at Home
by Nancy Bogen

Award Winner!
Finalist: Eric Hofner Book Awards, 2009, Legacy Division

To read Klytaimnestra Who Stayed at Home is to enter the Ancient Greek world inside out. On the surface, it offers a multidimensional view of the home front during the Trojan War, with Klytaimnestra, wife of Agamemnon, supreme commander of the Greek forces, as the centerpiece. On this level, one critic has said that author Nancy Bogen surpasses Virginia Woolf in her ability to penetrate and lay bare each character’s psyche and at the same time to hold the fabric of her narrative together.

On another level, Klytaimnestra Who Stayed at Home attacks the Ancient Greek conception of the hero, and by extension our own Western one. Odysseus, who was upheld by Homer as the archetypal hero because of his craftiness in mind and body, is presented as evil through and through and the true author of the Trojan War. And there are many more levels yet to this novel, as another critic has pointed out.

Highly lyrical, imaginative, and a good all-around yarn — what more could a serious reader want in a challenging work of contemporary fiction.

ISBN: 0-931642-22-1 Cloth
ISBN: 0-936726-00-8 Tradepaper

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