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About The Twickenham Press

The Twickenham Press was founded in 1980 by Nancy Bogen for the sole purpose of putting her first novel, Klytaimnestra Who Stayed at Home, in print. In those days, self-publishing was still considered a no-no—despite the fact that it had enjoyed a long history in the Western world, from William Blake to Walt Whitman. So Ms. Bogen decided to create a fictional editor, Barbara Beesley, who indeed was funded by a wealthy uncle named Alex; all of this derived from the fact that Alexander Pope, England’s arch-satirist and social critic, was known as The Wicked Wasp of Twickenham. Thanks to this publication, Klytaimnestra Who Stayed at Home came to the attention of John Gardner, one of America’s foremost literary critics, who declared it "a nearly perfect work of art" and vigorously defended it and Ms. Bogen in print.

Twickenham subsequently published Ms. Bogen’s second and third novels, Bobe Mayse: A Tale of Washington Square and Bagatelle• Guinevere by Felice Rothman, and Stephen Klass’s translation of the celebrated Danish classic Adam Homo by Friederich Pauldan-Mueller.

We of The Twickenham Press remain committed to bringing forth unrecognized excellence in fiction, poetry, drama, and belles lettres, and where possible in the other arts.

Brent Bouldin, Publisher
Peggy Kennedy, Executive Editor
Marilyn Cane, Managing Editor